Cross-posted on The Health for Animals and Livelihood Improvement (HALI) Project

After a not so brief hiatus, I resume my posts with renewed determination. As much as I enjoy the other parts of my PhD research (which, at the moment, consists of writing up my first chapter after much coding and analysis yay), I started getting lost among the timelines and deadlines and the sometimes unrealistic goals I set for myself. It’s time to reclaim the absolute joy I got from working with the HALI team, and share some of it with you.

Back in my first post, I mentioned the three places we visited for tagging and sampling the bats. You can find these locations (Morogoro, Udekwa, and Illovo) in the map below. Clicking on the circles will bring up their names.

We (Dr. Brian Bird aka Dr. Ndege, and I) flew to Dar, whereupon we were collected by Dr. Chris Kilonzo and Amani, and comfortably ensconced for the night. The next day we’d collect supplies and head to our first destination: Morogoro. I saw my first baobab tree on the way there! Saving you from a fuzzy picture shot from a car by posting this other one below. It even shows evidence of past elephant visits :)