I find it very useful to go through vignettes provided by R packages, which help me figure out how to use their functions. For example, the package “dismo”, has a useful vignette named “sdm”, for species distribution modeling.

We use the functions vignette and edit to go about this.

For example,

# Vignettes within dismo package
vignette(package = "dismo")

# Opening "sdm" vignette
vignette("sdm", package = "dismo")

# Editing and going through the vignette code
edit(vignette("sdm", package = "dismo"))

# or
v = vignette("sdm", package = "dismo")

# Viewing vignette

# Listing vignettes from all attached packages
vignette(all = FALSE)

# Listing vignettes from all installed packages
vignette(all = TRUE)

Thanks to this post from inside-R, which provided an excellent reference when I was searching how to do it.